Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wire Wrapping

Wire wrapping has such endless possibilities. When I first started, it was a tentative few twists with what I found later was the wrong kind of wire for what I was trying to do, yet I was immediately hooked! It is so different from putting beads onto a headpin, or making a bracelet with tiger tail. The limits are off and the only limit is your imagination.

Quite often you can find a tumbled stone, or odd shaped piece that simply seems impossible to make into normal jewellery. With a few strands of wire, I found I could! Mind you, I certainly struggled a lot as I had no reference for what I was trying to do, and since then have found some amazingly generous wire artists who share their knowledge. The best resource I have found is http:/ where a love of creating is shared.

With practice, you can wire wrap almost anything. The tension of the wire holds it all in place, once you understand the basics. I'll be adding some posts on my experiences in learning and falling in love with this wonderfully creative activity. Each and every piece is unique and that is just so satisfying!

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